Stay with Locals

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting / (the Website). If you are a Host offering bed/s (Hosting Request) or a Guest requesting bed/s (Guest Request) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (Terms). Host/s and Guest/s must comply with all of the requirements and conditions in order to be eligible to receive accommodation/s and any payment/s for hosting. Your failure to fully comply will prevent the availability of accommodation/s and payment/s.

  1. Booking confirmation

    If you make a Guest Request through the Website, the affiliated Rugby Club contact will contact you as quickly as possible to advise confirmation, non-acceptance or next steps of the Guest Request. Acceptance will be at the Rugby Club contacts sole discretion. If you provide a Host Request, IRC will provide your information to your preferred Rugby Club who will then take over the management of the Stay with Locals activity for their club. Where no club has been noted on the form by the Host, the IRC will act as the default Rugby Club.

    Host Request and Guest Request booking periods are available from 31 May 2017 through to 10 July 2017 within New Zealand only, unless otherwise specified by IRC.

    Guest Request/s must not exceed the maximum number of people agreed with IRC and affiliated Rugby Club and provided in the booking confirmation itinerary, regardless of the number of beds available at the Host property, unless otherwise agreed by IRC.

    The booking is valid for the number of persons and group configuration as indicated on the Guest Request. Any changes to the booking should be communicated to and agreed by the IRC and affiliated Rugby Club, in writing, so as to ensure the booking remains valid.

  2. Cancellations and booking changes

    All bookings are final and non-refundable. Whilst every effort will be made to run all advertised Stay with Locals venues, IRC reserves the right to cancel a venue due to low enrolment or other circumstances which would make the event unviable. If the IRC cancels a venue, attendees will be offered a refund of the price excluding a 20% admin/booking fee. The IRC annual membership fee is nonrefundable if the parking venue is cancelled.

    If you cancel the booking after the final payment is received, you remain liable for the balance of funds due for the booking.

    Premature departure during a booking will not be eligible for any refunds.

    Please note that IRC recommends all Guest/s book their own Travel Insurance which includes Travel Cancellation Insurance. This will protect you for a range of unforeseen situations.

  3. Guest & Host of booking requests present for stay

    The Guest, as the person making the Guest Request, must be present at the property for the stay, unless agreed in writing by the IRC.

    The Host, as the person making the Host Request, must be present at the property for the stay, unless agreed in writing by the IRC.

  4. Payment

    Full payment is due as soon as your booking request is confirmed. Failure to make full payment by the Guest to IRC will result in the booking not being confirmed.

    As this is a fundraising initiative, we will not be asking Guest/s to pay a bond and expect that Guest/s will be respectful of their Host/s environment and at the end of your stay ensure that the property is left neat and tidy and in the same condition in which it was found. If any item/s need repair or replacement, the Guest/s and Host/s must arrange this directly. Refer to Section 12 of these Terms for further clarification.

    The Guest/s agrees to pay IRC $75 per night per person for a bed/s provided by the Host in Regional Centres; and $90 per night person for a bed/s provided by the Host in Auckland and/or Wellington. IRC agrees to pay the Host/s preferred rugby club, 80% of the total sum payable by the Guest/s for receipt of accommodation provided by the Host. Should the Host/s not have chosen a preferred rugby club, the funds will be automatically donated to the IRC. If the Guest/s booking the accommodation is not already an IRC Member, $12.50 will be deducted from this portion of the revenue share and given to the IRC so that the this Guest/s may automatically become an IRC Member.

    The remaining 20% of the total sum payable, will go to IRC as the administrative / booking fee.

  5. Access to accommodation

    Once full payment has been received, the Rugby Club contact will provide an introduction to their Guest/s and their Host/s. It is then upon the Host/s and Guest/s to liaise and arrange a suitable time and place to meet, along with any answering any questions proposed by either party.

    The Host/s agrees to ensure the Guest/s can access the accommodation from 2.00pm on the day of Guest/s arrival and ensure the accommodation is opened, cleaned, and ready for the Guest/s arrival.

  6. Check in and out time

    Standard Check in time: 2.00pm and Standard Check out time: 11.00am, unless otherwise agreed between the Host/s and Guest/s.

    Early check-ins and late checkouts will need to be discussed and agreed between the Guest/s and Host/s prior to the booking taking place.

  7. Cleaning and rubbish

    The accommodation must be left clean and tidy and in the same condition in which it was found by the Guest/s.

  8. House Rules

    In addition to anything else stated in these Terms, we want all Host/s and Guest/s to have an enjoyable and memorable experience. By agreeing to these Terms, Host/s and Guest/s also agree to not conduct any of the following:

    • Pitching of caravans or tents on the Host/s property without consent of the Host/s.
    • Parties, events, weddings, receptions, stag / hen festivities without the written consent of IRC and/or the consent of the Host/s.
    • Excess people above the maximum, not authorised by IRC in writing.
    • Smoking on the property unless permitted by the Host/s
    • Abuse, including verbal or physical, of IRC representatives, the Host/s or its representatives or the neighbours.
    • Undue nuisance or noise to neighbours or the local community.
    • Use of illegal substances or conduct of illegal activities at the property
    • Anything that could invalidate the insurance policy for the property.
    • Moving or re-arranging furniture.
    • Cutting keys or obtaining remote door controls for the property.
    • Tampering with smoke alarms.
    • Leaving a fireplace unattended.
    • Booking on behalf of another person without intending to be at the property during the stay.
    • Bringing a pet onsite when unauthorised, or inside the accommodation if the Host/s only allows pets outside.

    Should you be evicted from the Host/s property, all amounts paid will be forfeited.

  9. Water

    Water is a precious resource in New Zealand. Many Host/s properties are only on tank water, with no public town supply. Guest/s must be careful with water usage. IRC may charge excessive water usage back to Guest/s.

  10. Reporting a complaint

    Should the Guest/s have any issues during their Host/Guest stay, they should notify hosts immediately.

  11. Unavailability

    If the Host/s accommodation becomes unavailable for any reason after Guest/s Request is confirmed, IRC may shift you into another Host/s property that can accommodate your booking in either the existing community or a nearby community. If this is not possible, IRC will cancel the booking and refund the relevant accommodation and booking fee monies paid. None of IRC or the Host/s will have any further liability in connection with the unavailability of the Host/s property after booking.

  12. Liability

    Any use of amenities by Guest/s and provided by Host/s, such as (but not limited to) boats, kayaks, canoes, surf boards, bikes, spa pools, swimming pools, automobiles is entirely at Guest/s own risk and neither IRC nor the Host/s will be liable for any injury, loss or damage you or any other person may suffer.

    Guest/s will advise the Host/s before their departure of any loss or damage that has occurred at the accommodation during Guest/s stay.

    Guest/s will be responsible for the full costs, including time of IRC and/or the Host/s and its representatives, of repairing or replacing any damaged or lost items.

    None of IRC, affiliated Rugby Clubs, its agents, contractors or the Host/s will be liable for any event beyond their reasonable control, or for any loss or damage you or any other person suffers during your stay, or for any damage to the property.